The Spanish language has vastly spread throughout the world. Just like the English language, Spanish has become essential to broadening one´s relationships with future clients, friends, or for tourism. The Spanish language is a beautiful expression of Spanish culture, with the Latin-American version being the most important link between them.

I have been teaching Spanish for many years. I like teaching in a relaxed and friendly environment where the learning process can flow freely.


Spanish is a great language and it is very rich in many aspects like tenses, vocabulary and regionalisms  for example, so trying to transmit the usage of every tense is an important part for me. We will learn those phrases that will help you communicate throughout your stay here.


 And as the Spanish from Buenos Aires is quite distinct, we will see its differences in pronunciation and words from the rest of the countries or even our provinces, so you can use all your potential and adapt your language to every situation.


Apart from private classes in Buenos Aires I also offer On line lessons.


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