On line lessons




 Some people cannot simply go to an institute or do not want to attend to a private class, due to distance or weather. So, to make it more accessible for you, I am offering a complete course in every level, whether you're a beginner to the Spanish language, or seeking to boost you intermediate or advanced skills. How does the course work? You book a number of classes, we arrange the time, and then classes can begin. I will send you the study material via email so you can print it or take it wherever you want. The class is conducted with Skype and a web cam (if you want).

 The course will help you take the first steps in the Spanish language and is focused on those situations a traveller is likely to face. I will help you understand the grammatical aspects of the language so you can build your own sentences. Or if you are an advanced student, we will work to boost your achieved skills.

 Referrals available.

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